A Dog And Squirrel Make A Tree Their Playground

There are so many things about this video that we have to comment on and notice. It’s just incredible.

For one, we are so jealous of the people whose backyard afternoons involve a game of “chase me ’round the tree” between their dog and a squirrel.

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Second of all, we admire the camera handling, as the person working it keeps it very jiggle-free, which is always welcome when we’re talking home vids.


We love the fact the pooch does not give up. It realizes very early on it has no chance of actually catching the squirrel, but it keeps on trying. We commend the spirit.

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It is really touching.

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The best thing about it all, however, is that the squirrel is also having a great time, obviously. It can go up the tree any time it wants, but it doesn’t.

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The dance continues.

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