A Lab And The Tiniest Rabbit You Will Ever See Become Friends

There are dog vids that are cute and then there are those that can easily give a person type 2 diabetes of the highest order. The vid we have for you today is of the latter kind.

No really, we thought about just posting the vid with a string of cuteness gifs.

Like this.

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

The vid in question features a Lab called Meg and the tiniest little rabbit that was ever put on film. Meg is obviously super happy and excited with her maternal instincts exploding off the charts and the tiny rabbit hopping around, praying to all the gods he can name that his new canine friend doesn’t step on him.

The little dude is as big as a blade of grass. Literally.

Oh yeah, the petite guy’s name is Little John Stamos by the way.


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