A Pair Of Dogs Are Guarding An Entire Penguin Colony


Meet Eudy and Tula, two beautiful maremmas that are not only gorgeous but incredibly valiant as well. They were sent to the Australian coastline, to Middle Island, near Warrnambool in Victoria, following the near extermination of a penguin colony in the early 2000s. Foxes have a thing for hunting penguins, especially since they are easy pray, and in a single, organized attack, 360 birds were killed.

The threat has been going on for quite some time now, and Australian authorities are worried that they might end up without any penguins left at all. That’s where Eudy and Tula jump in to save the day! Sent to Middle Island in 2006, they managed to achieve the impossible – the penguin population lingered around the number of four birds, and now there’s over 150 of them.

The dogs were taught to make friends with the penguins and to protect them at all costs. They treat the island like their home and bark away anything and anyone that tries approaching the defenseless birds. Now they’re looking for replacements for Eudy and Tula, since they are both eight years old and ready for retirement. A crowd-funding campaign has been launched and if you feel like it, you can donate for a noble cause.

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