A Pomeranian A Day Will Keep All Your Troubles Away

Originally from Pomerania (today’s Germany and Poland), the Pomeranian was much larger in the past and was used as a herding dog.  Pomeranians were not well known until the English Kennel Club recognized them in 1870 and they became worldwide famous after Queen Victoria started breeding them down in size and showing them.

They are spirited, smart and loyal dogs who make marvelous family companions and show dogs.  Also, this breed is very independent and inquisitive and they require a gentle, but firm pack leader who will clearly set the rules of behavior.

1. This furry ball who is not a toy

2. This big boy who is always smiling

3. This baby who wants to give you a present

4. This puppy who looks like a kitty

5. This lady who needs some alone time

6. This sweetheart who demands your undivided attention

7. This girl who likes her new toys

8. This cutie who loves her new toy

9. This darling who has some admirers

10. This adorable bunch who is going on a road trip

11. This one who is looking for food in all the wrong places

12. This boy who knows a trick or two

13. This fellow who always does his dishes

14. This Pommy who is getting really sleepy

15. And this one who wishes you a good night

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