Amazing Man Saves Two Dogs Hours Before Their Execution


In their final attempt to find homes for Kala and Keira, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Charity posted a heartbreaking photo of the two best friends hugging each other behind bars, on Facebook, saying that the dogs would be euthanized in two hours. They wrote the heartbreaking message in the voices of Kala and Keira, hoping that someone would rescue the unfortunate pooches from imminent death.

Thanks to animal lovers across the United States, the picture quickly went viral and the charity started receiving donations for the pair. Not only were they saved from euthanasia, but they also found forever homes. Though we don’t know the identity of their savior, the group confirmed that Kala and Keira met their new human and were taken to their new home. Yup, you have read that right – the good-natured man adopted both of them, unwilling to separate the dogs after all they had been through together.

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