America’s Fattest Dog Takes The Internet By Storm



Hank may be huge in appearance, but his gigantic size is nothing compared to the size of his heart.

The world’s fattest dog, as the Internet has dubbed him, belongs to Kari Whitman, an interior designer who founded Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Beverly Hills, California. Hank is her support dog and cannot move on his own due to an illness, which is the reason why he has all those extra pounds.

Although we think Hank is an exceptional dog, chances are we wouldn’t be talking about him if he hadn’t been photographed at LAX airport and become an Internet sensation.

People, who were unaware of his condition at the time, were shocked to see such a huge dog being pushed in a luxurious cart. To make things even more interesting, Hank flew first class on American Airlines.

Twitter user @madeleinedoux was the one who took his picture and she later explained that the dog was a real gentleman during the flight: he didn’t bark or make any noise.

In fact, it was the people who were talking about this unusual pooch for the entire duration of the trip that were annyoing. Hank didn’t seem to mind, though. Hank is awesome.

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