America’s Sweethearts: Minnie and Max

No one gets to be this cute. Except us – Minnie and Max. We get to do anything.

Hi! We’re Minnie and Max. We are twin pugs who really want to tell you a few things about us

We are seven-year-old head-tilting pugs who always like to meet new friends

Although we would prefer if you weren’t a cat

But even if you were, we’d still want to play with you

Don’t get mad if we steal your socks sometimes

We always want to hang out, even if you photobomb our pictures

Also, we know how to have a good time. Especially if you take us to the beach

You can also take us to a restaurant any time and we promise you’ll have a blast with us

We’ll even forgive you if you give us a bath

And finally, we will really, really love you forever

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