Another 5 Things Humans Do That Dogs Really Hate


Don’t force your dog to spend time with dogs or people they clearly don’t like. Like all other social species, dogs have best friends and enemies. If they don’t want to interact with someone, don’t push them!

We know that humans are super busy, but dogs simply need time to explore their surroundings. They don’t like really short walks and you should give them a chance to take in the world around them.

Further, don’t ignore your dog. We know that you need some alone time when you get home from work, but remember that your dog has been waiting for you all day to play with them.

Dogs also hate when you keep them on a tight leash – they feel nervous, stressed and frustrated. By keeping a loose leash, you are letting your dog know that everything is find and that they can relax.

Finally, don’t do anything you know will make your dog mad or frustrated simply because you think it’s hilarious.

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