Awesome Australian Dude Rescues Dogs And Hunts Truffles With Them

Unless you have spent a significant amount of time in prison (drunken one-night sleepovers don’t count), you cannot imagine what it feels like. Watching prison movies and TV shows doesn’t REALLY paint the picture.


“Why are we going on about prisons?” you may be asking yourself. Well, spending time in a pound is pretty much the same thing as prison, only for dogs. You are packed in a tiny space, you cannot get out and you are served something only remotely resembling food. They’re even worse.


Imagine something worse than that.

And then, out of nowhere, a guy comes over, picks you up from the pound and lets you frolic in the nature, sniffing for super-duper-ultra-mega expensive mushrooms and getting hugs until your heart cannot take it anymore.


Well, that is pretty much what this Aussie guy called Jayson Mesman does. He rescues dogs from pounds and trains them to be truffle-sniffing dogs. They get a new lease on life, he makes money. It’s the definition of a win-win situation.


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