Basset Hound Enjoys Ride In New Porsche


Since most dogs love cars, what better way to make them super happy than to give them a spin in a brand new Porsche Cayman? 8-year-old Basset hound named Moose was lucky enough to experience something like this and his reaction was more than phenomenal.

However, this is not the pooch’s first time in a Porsche, no. This fortunate furry fellow has driven in many Porsches during the course of his lifetime due to the fact that his owner Phillip is a great fan of these cars. The amazing video below was shot with a GoPro and has gone viral since GoPro shared the clip with their followers. Here’s what Phillip said:

People’s reaction when we go cruising is priceless. I sent GoPro some footage and they decided to make an ad featuring Moose. Pretty cool!

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