Believe It Or Not, This Croatian Court Has Banned A Dog From Barking!


If someone told you that a court gave a dog an injunction for barking, you probably wouldn’t believe them. Sadly, this is exactly what happened in a village in northern Croatia.

A frustrated neighbor was apparently so fed up with Medo’s barking that she took the case to court. She says that the dog’s non-stop barking has seriously affected her health and is suing Medo’s owner for more than $1,500 in demands.

Medo, a 3-year-old mutt who can no longer do what all dogs do, is currently confined in a barn from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. In case the dog barks at inappropriate hours, owner Anton Simunovic will have to pay around $3,000. Additionally, he is shocked by the court’s decision and says that Medo barks normally, just like any other dog.

Even though Medo gained an enemy, people around the globe have expressed their support and offered solidarity. Thousands of dog owners and dog enthusiasts have joined his Facebook page where many of them share pictures and videos of their dogs barking. Medo, you are not alone!

A court in Pula still has to make a final ruling, so there’s a chance that Medo will be able to continue barking, even after 8 p.m.

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