Better Late Than Never: Dogs Arrived In Americas Only 10,000 Years Ago


New research suggest that man’s best friend arrived pretty late to the New World. To be precise, dogs have migrated to North and South America only around 10,000 years ago, thousands of years after humans did.

The study analyzed 42 DNA samples taken from ancient dog remains and their findings confirmed that dogs came to America with a second wave of human migration.

University of Illinois graduate student Kelsey Witt, who led the research with anthropology professor Ripan Malhi said that these results are also significant because they might shed a light on human migration patterns because dogs accompanied humans wherever they went.

‘’Dogs are one of the earliest organisms to have migrated with humans to every continent, and I think that says a lot about the relationship dogs have had with humans. They can be a powerful tool when you’re looking at how human populations have moved around over time.’’

Well, dogs may have migrated late to the Americas, but they came to the continent because they followed their humans. Basically, pooches have been man’s best friend since ancient times and that says more than enough about the relationship dogs have had with our forefathers.

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