Beverly Hills Dog Fixes People’s Teeth

The human lady on the left is Dr. Mojdeh Shayestehfar and the adorable canine helper on the right is Dr. Softie.

Red nose day!!! Softie wanted to wear the nose ? But it didn’t fit her!

Posted by Mojdeh Shayestehfar on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Together, they work at a dentist’s office in Beverly Hills and they do a spectacular job.

The reason why Dr. Softie got the job is that for most people, going to the dentist looks a whole lot like this.


Or this.


All in all, it’s an ordeal.


Which is why Dr. Shayestehfar decided to get Dr. Softie on board, a super cute and sweet labradoodle whose job is to jump on patients’ laps and ease their anxiety and pains.

It’s a killer idea and it’s always nice to see a canine healthcare professional.

40 minutes ago
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Posted by Mojdeh Shayestehfar on Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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