Bona Fide Hero From Colorado Adopts Old Dogs No One Else Wants

We all say how we would love to change the world for the better, do something special for those forgotten by pretty much everyone, and in 99.999999 percent of cases, we end up doing this:


Well, one man from Denver, Colorado decided to actually get off his butt and do something. He finally made the decision when his dog died and he realized helping other dogs would be the only thing to help him get over the death of his four-legged friend.


So he went out and adopted, and this is a quote, “a 12-year-old Chihuahua with a heart murmur and four bad knees”. It went on from there and he is now caring for 10 elderly dogs, most of them with a whole list of health issues.

Oh yeah, did we mention the pig? No? Cause there’s a pig too.

Bed struggles. No matter how much Stuart pushes, Bikini refuses to scoot over. #hekicksshesnores

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And a rabbit.

Everyone loves everyone.

It’s just so heart-warming we could cry.

Why you can’t be pee shy at my house. #nohesitationnostalllikethebathroomcrowded #whatpet

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Well, Steve Greig of Denver, Colorado, congratulations. You are DogShow’s new favorite human.


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