Brave Dog Rescues Couple From Dangerous Rip Current


A courageous Bernese mountain dog named Nico saved the lives of two swimmers caught in a dangerous rip current at a beach in Ventura, California. The heroic 3-year-old pooch ran into the ocean seconds after the couple started screaming for help and managed to guide them to shore.

Nico first saved the woman, and then returned to rescue the man – who got stuck in the current after going into the water to save his wife.

The fearless dog’s owner Dan Clarke, a former lifeguard, told KTLS he had never seen Nico doing anything like that and added that Nico must have acted on ‘pure instinct.’

‘‘The woman and the gentleman they were just exhausted. They just looked and said “Is that like a trained life-saving dog?’’

He might not be a trained rescue dog, but Nico has rightfully been hailed a hero after his incredible deed. Good job, boy!

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