Budgeting For Dog Ownership: 6 Common Costs


In the current financial climate, we all have to be more mindful about our spending. It’s become more important these days for families to budget effectively, and this includes accounting for costs associated with pet ownership.

As a dog owner or someone who may be considering getting a dog, there are a number of essential costs you need to consider.

1. Food

One thing your dog will need plenty of is food, and this is something you need to budget for. Don’t be tempted to try and cut costs with low quality food as you’ll simply end up having to feed him twice as much for the same benefit.

2. Veterinary Bills

It isn’t always easy to account for vet’s bills as, other than routine appointments, you won’t really know if and when your dog’s going to need treatment. However, it’s worth saving some money each month into an emergency fund so you don’t hit financial dire straits if something does happen.

3. Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is well worth having if you want peace of mind. This can help to protect you against crippling costs if your dog is diagnosed with a major issue and needs costly treatment or an operation. Costs can vary, so it’s well worth hunting around for competitive deals on coverage.[mnright]

4. Grooming Costs

While you may not be planning to send your pooch to be professionally pampered, you’ll still need to invest in products to groom him at home.

This will help to keep his coat in good condition and will enable you to pick up on problems such as eye, ear or skin infections while grooming.

5. Leash And Collar

You’ll need to take your pup out for walks and in order to do this safely you’ll require a collar and leash. Although this isn’t a regular expense it does contribute to the initial costs associated with dog ownership – and you may need to replace these items from time to time.

6. Items For The Home

There are various things you’ll need to keep your pooch safe, comfortable and entertained at home. This includes a dog bed, a crate, chews, and toys amongst other things.
By making sure you’re aware of what you need to spend as a dog owner, you can more easily budget for these expenses.

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