Bulldogs Are The Rock Stars Of Halloween


Seriously, when you see them, you will have no other choice than to give them all your treats.

1.  Meet the rightful king of Halloween

 2. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

3. Hey, don’t judge, everyone needs their beauty sleep

4. Now, there’s a real Viking

5. Odin will show you who’s boss

6.  There’s no messing around with General Bulldog

7. Unless you know where Wally is

8. Who said wizards don’t party hard?

9. Artist by day…

10. And, Jules Winnfield by night

11. Caesar has spoken

12. Real-life Elsa is as fabulous as it gets

13. No one said it was easy being a rock star


14. Yup, it’s almost winter

15.   Have to go now, work is calling

16. Happy Bulloween!

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