Can A Dog Get Any More Country Than This?

When we heard of a dog driving a bona fide semi into a parked car and a tree somewhere in Minnesota, we immediately started thinking of country songs which we could modify to indicate the story was ABOUT A FRICKIN’ DOG DRIVING A FRICKIN’ SEMI TRUCK! The results were not exactly great so we decided against a related punny title.

We did put this video on a loop, though.

You can’t not love Jerry.

In any case, the story is still sketchy at the moment, but it seems the Labrador in question jumped in the cabin while the driver was away, put the car in drive and then couldn’t exactly handle the driving part of it all.

Basically he was the I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Dog.

The police have not said whether they will be prosecuting the driver (who is also the owner of the dog, it seems) or the dog. The important thing is no one got hurt.


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