Can You Guess What A Dog Nicknamed Dog Vinci Does?

Yes, he paints. His official name is Dagger II and he chose the artistic past after being released from the service dog program for undisclosed reasons. If you ask people who know about art, this was a good thing.


We have no idea what that gif is about either.

Dog Vinci (as he is also known, of course) gets some help from his owner Yvonne, but she maintains that he does all of the painting. She is there simply as an assistant. Dagger II does everything.


Of course, Yvonne has had to come up with a brush setup that would allow the artist to do his thing.


It was probably like this before the new setup.

In any case, Dog Vinci is doing his thing, wearing a beret and selling his art. The profits go straight to charity and at the moment, the cause is Canine Companions for Independence’s Walk ‘n Roll.

To wrap things up, we will leave you with one of the greatest people in the history of humanity.


We are sure Dagger II would agree.

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