Cat Gives Birth To A Chihuahua


Jia Weinuan, a 74-year-old pensioner from China, helped his three-year-old cat Niu Niu give birth to five young ones and was shocked to discover a puppy among the litter. The confused man claims that he delivered the little Chihuahua himself, and also asserts that the pup is not the result of interbreeding.

Though Weinuan owns five dogs, in addition to several cats, he is certain that nothing happened between the animals because his American Shorthair is a ‘good cat’ who would never ‘do bad things without us knowing’. Besides, even if the cat was somehow romantically involved with the dog, genetics would prevent them from having offspring.

Here’s what the confused man said:

“In all my years, I’ve never heard of dogs and cats mating. But I am certain that I hand delivered this Chihuahua as there were five babies, and when I looked more closely later there were five babies. This is very confusing. I hope the media reports this and we get some sort of explanation from a scientist.”

All of the kittens from the litter have found new homes, but no one wants to take the alleged pup because ‘a dog born from a cat is not a good omen’, according to Weinuan.

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