Chiko The Pooch Loves Netflix As Much As You Do

Often times, we get the feeling that dogs are pretty much the same as humans.

Like when they dress up for Halloween.


Or when they get all spruced up for their daily treadmill run.


Or like when they curl up with a neck massager and newspaper.


Or like when they have a man-eat-man kind of a day and can’t stay awake.


However, none of these pooches makes us see ourselves in them as much as our canine star of the day does.

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He is a Shiba Inu and his name is Chiko. And he loves nothing more than watching his favorite shows curled up under a blanket.

According to his human friend, these are not staged or anything. Chiko just really loves Netflix.

Sometimes he’ll even make some popcorn, for those really special shows.

He doesn’t even care if he’s in or out.

Just park him in front of a good show and he’s one happy dog.

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