Chinese Scientists Create Mutant Dogs


If you’re a fan of science fiction, you already know that most futuristic books and movies feature at least some sort of genetically modified animals, aka mutants, which are super powerful and even more dangerous for the remainder of the human population.

Well, it seems that the future is already here. According to Technology Report, Chinese scientists have developed these super mutant dogs after altering canine genes for the first time ever. They intend to use these stronger, faster animals in police and military operations.

The first of the genetically modified dogs is, believe it or not, a beagle. However, their version of the beagle has nothing to do with the adorable dog we all know and love – these super beagles have twice their normal muscle size.

Here’s what Liangxue Lai, one of the researchers on the project, told the magazine:

“[The dogs have] more muscles and are expected to have stronger running ability, which is good for hunting, police (military) applications.”

The researchers’ next step is to, expectedly, genetically modify other dog breeds for both scientific and military purposes. Even though they claim that the super dogs will not be made or sold for commercial use, their groundbreaking research certainly opens up the possibility that other people will create and sell them.

Has science gone too far? Tell us what you think.

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