Dad Drafts A Hilarious Dog Contract For His Kids To Sign

We’ve all been there as kids, trying to convince our parents that we would take care of the dogs we all wanted so badly.


In the end, if we’re being totally honest, the parents ended up taking care of the pooch.


Well, one dad decided to put an end to this in the most bureaucratic way possible – by drafting a so-called Family Dog Contract.

family dog contract drafted by reluctant dad

The dad in question shared the story on Reddit and we have to say it looks like a waterproof contract.

Among other things, he exercises executive power over the dog’s name and whether it smells or not (if yes, one of the kids is to clean it within 24 hours).

He also has requirements concerning the dog itself – not over 15 pounds (originally 10), non-shedding and non-drooling.

In addition to this, he demands eternal love for the pooch, as well as refraining from considering it a sibling.

All four of his kids signed the contract and we later found out that the contract was actually 2 years old. The family still love their pooch Kershaw very much and the contract has been mostly honored in full.

Are we about to see a new breed of lawyers pop up?


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