Definitive Proof That Seals Are Dogs Of The Sea

First of all, a disclaimer: we don’t really know the difference between seals and sea lions and some of these are probably sea lions.

We’re not a nitpicking crowd here at DogShow and we sure hope you aren’t either. So, without further ado, here are some truly canine-like seals from around the world.

Like this one who loves to play fetch. Unsuccessfully, though.

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Or this one who loves a belly rub as much as your pooch.

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Or the one that gives all lap dogs in the world a run for their money.

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Or this surfing seal who must have taken some classes from our old friend Chuey (

Or the cuddliest seal of them all.

Of course, sometimes dogs fall into the sweet delusion that they are seals. This is arguably funnier.

I am breaking my internet silence to post this. (I swore off the internets for 1 month 1 week ago XDI couldn’t help it! Ok… See you in another 3 weeks. My relapse doesn’t count right? RIGHT?! (I will answer any questions in 3 weeks)

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