Disco Dog LED Vest Turns Your Dog Into A Genuine Party Animal


A new Kickstarter campaign wants to bring the party to your dog with the power of 256 LEDs, while at the same time keeping them safe during the night. Sounds awesome, right?

Disco Dog is a smartphone-operated dog vest that ‘displays a variety of animated patterns and custom scrolling text in thousands of colors,’ describes the Kickstarter pitch created by design agency Party.

“You can choose an animation or type in a message using our Disco Dog application on your smartphone. It’s a fun way to celebrate your dog, and also keeps her visible and safe when it’s dark out.”

In addition to giving your pooch the Saturday Night Fever look, Disco Dog is connected to your phone and enables you to know their whereabouts at all times. But that’s not all. If your dog wanders off too far and the connection is lost, the vest goes to ‘Lost Dog’ mode and activates a flashing message for everyone to see.

Although the vest is in its beta phase at the moment, a working prototype already exists. The campaign aims to raise $15,000 to go into small-scale production and allow dog enthusiasts to buy these disco vests for their pets – although they’ll have to pay $300 for a small-dog version, $350 for medium-sized dogs, and $400 for large dogs.

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