Do You Think You Hate Mondays? Well, these dogs hate it more than you.

They know what it’s like to get up on a cold Monday morning.

1. It’s a cold autumn morning and you hear the alarm go off

2. Then you realize it’s Monday

3. You refuse to believe the weekend is over

4. And you know you have to get up

5. You think the snooze button is a gift from the heavens above

6. Five more minutes is all you’re asking for

7. You’re up and Friday seems infinitely far away

8. Then you start contemplating your warm bed in the shower

9. And you don’t understand why you didn’t choose the outfit for today yesterday

10. So, it’s time to leave the house

11. You look at your bed one last time

12. You know that today is not going to be a happy day

13. No one on your way to work seems happy either

14. Aaaand, it begins! Happy Monday!

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