Dog Captures Romantic Marriage Proposal On Camera (VIDEO)


People have thought of amazing ways to propose to their significant others, and the contenders just keep raising the bar every few weeks. When it comes to the most innovative proposal of all time, we have to give it to Kurt Gies of Philadephia who decided to include his dog in one of the most important days of his life.

Gies wanted to come up with an awesome way of proposing to his girlfriend, so he planned a trip to the beach, the exact same place the couple met in Ocean City, New Jersey. Since he was also determined to include their dog Roo in the proposal, Gies mounted a GoPro camera on Roo’s harness, and pretended like nothing special was about to happen.

Of course, Roo did an excellent job and remained still during the entire proposal. Well, almost. The pooch captured everything on camera, except for the part when Gies put a ring on his now-fiancee’s finger.

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