Dog Eases Cat Through Thunderstorm


All pets usually hate thunderstorms about the same amount as they hate fireworks. And dogs are just as afraid of them as cats are. But sometimes you just have to go out of the way and help when a fellow pet in need.

That is exactly what Terra did. Terra is the dog of a reddit user named YungDemon, who has Terra and a cat named Toast.

Terra realized that Toast was very afraid of the thunderstorm, so she went to console him. YungDemon posted some very cute pictures of the two pets snuggling together and getting through the storm as one.

Dogs and cats might not always get along, but it’s nice to see this type of empathy that Terra shows. She is scared too, but since her little friend is more scared, she made sure not to show it in order to help Toast get through it.

Came home to my roommates dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside

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