Dog Jumps In Front Of Bus To Save Blind Owner


As Audrey Stone was taking a walk with her dog Figo in Brewster, New York on Sunday, she could not have imagined what a hero her furry friend was. At the same time the duo was crossing the road, a school bus made a turn and the driver failed to see them.

Fortunately, Figo, an eight-year-old golden retriever, reacted quickly and jumped between the bus and his blind human friend. He saved her life, but both suffered some injuries. Audrey is now in Danbury Hospital where she is being treated for several fractures and cuts. Figo suffered some tissue damage and a broken leg, which led him to surgery.

However, he did well on the operating table and is now in recovery, not at all bothered by the bandages. Audrey and Figo will not have to worry about the medical bills, since Figo’s treatment was paid for by a benefactor. The two friends have yet to be reunited.

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