Dog Mommy Refuses To Leave Cemetery Where Her Puppy Died


A Golden Retriever spent days grieving the loss of her pup and refused to leave the graveyard where he died.

Not even the cold weather could convince her to abandon her deceased offspring’s side. In addition to below zero temperatures, hunger and thirst, she might have perceived humans who wanted to help her as intruders. Nonetheless, she stayed next to her pup for days to come.

Perhaps no one would have heard about this heart-wrenching story if it wasn’t for a kind-hearted 15-year-old photographer who was taking pictures in Savannah’s Laurel Grove North Cemetery on Tuesday. Hunter Cone saw the devastated dog standing by the body of her dead pup and wanted to help her. He and his mother brought her food but the Golden mom wouldn’t let them come close to her. She wasn’t aggressive – like any mother, this stray dog was just watching over her child.

She buried the pup, but continued to mourn next to his grave. However, since more and more people were coming to the graveyard to help her, the pooch felt threatened and ran away.

Although they weren’t able to help her, Cone says he will do everything he can to find her a loving home.

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