Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Plays With Toys


Meet Snowball. Snowball is one of the 23 dogs that was recently rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm. The animals were rescued by the Humane International Society (HIS) earlier this month. Snowball is one of the several puppies that was rescued, and the dog is doing great. There’s even some video footage of the dog playing with some toys for the first time in its life.

According to stats from HIS, there are close to two million dogs killed and eaten in South Korea every year and there are many of these dog meat farms located all over the country. There are apparently hundreds of people in South Korea who are professional dog meat farmers and make a living from this job. The dog meat farm that these 23 dogs were rescued from is located in the capital of Seoul. All of the dogs are available for adoption from a local shelter in Arlington.

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