Dog Reunited With Owner After Nine Long Years


Since his beloved dog disappeared nine years ago, Lloyd Goldston from Alabama didn’t expect to see Boozer the boxer ever again. However, life sometimes has ways to make our wildest dreams come true and the man and his dog were reunited after spending so much time apart.

The two finally saw each other again on Saturday at the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, Colorado, according to 9News. 10-year-old Boozer actually had another owner after Goldston, but the other man was unable to take care of an ageing dog and gave him to the shelter.

As part of a standard procedure, the shelter staff scanned the boxer for a microchip and were surprised to see Goldston’s name. They contacted him and Lloyd immediately sat in his car and drove for almost 20 hours to see his pooch.

When they were finally reunited, Goldston couldn’t stop crying as the dog obviously recognized him and rushed to greet him.

Here’s what Goldston said:

“My reaction when I found out was I cried. Especially when they sent the first picture of him. I’m happy. He was never gone. He was always in our hearts. We never forgot him.”

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