Dog Saves Hiker Struck By Lightning


According to doctors, a hiker that was struck by lightning was saved by a dog named Rambo. Namely, Jonathan Hardman was hiking with his friends and was at about 14,000 feet up Mount Bierstadt in Colorado when he was struck by lightning.

The hikers were on their way down, and according to Hardman, the lightning was totally unexpected, since it was a beautiful day out. Hardman was coaching his German Shepard Rambo down the mountain when he was hit by lightning. All he remembers is that he woke up and could not move his arms or legs.

He then realized that the dog had been hit by lightning as well and had been killed. When they finally made it to safety, doctors told Hardman that the dog absorbed a lot of the electricity because he was right next to him, and added that if the dog was not there, Hardman probably would have been killed by the lightning.

This truly is a heartbreaking story, but it proves once again, in a strange way, how much dogs are willing to sacrifice for their masters.

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