Dog Saves Three Puppies Trapped in Bag


Here is a heartwarming story from Australia. Two people were taking a walk with their dog in Pleasant Hill. They were walking through the Paso Nogal Park as they do on most days. Their dog, however, noticed something and went to check it out. The dog sniffed out three puppies, who were only five weeks old, who were tied up in a garbage bag that was left near a trash can in the park.

This was confirmed by officials from the Contra Costa County Animal Services.

Once the dog started sniffing at the bag, the couple ran over to see what was going on. They opened up the bag and found three incredibly cute terrier puppies inside the bag.

The couple took the dogs home, gave them all a bath and fed them. Afterwards, they brought the puppies to animal services. Hopefully, someone is going to adopt the three puppies, who are currently staying at the Contra Costa Animal Services shelter.

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