Dog Watches Over Trapped Friend For A Week


We already know how loyal dogs are. And we also know that they are just as loyal to their human guardians as they are to their canine friends. This story proves it. Tillie the dog was taking a walk with his friend Phoebe in the woods. At one moment, Phoebe fell into a cistern and couldn’t get out.

The dogs’ owners couldn’t find them for a week. And when they did find them, they saw that Tillie never left Phoebe’s side, staying with her for a week. According to the owner, he was hosting a company party last week, and during that time, the dogs managed to escape from the house and leave the yard.

A neighbor saw that Tillie was walking to his property but then turning back into the woods. It seems that he was going out and trying to get someone attention and then lead them to Phoebe so that they could help her. And that’s just what happened. The two inseparable buddies are back at home and doing fine now.

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