Dog Weddings? Yes, Please

We are huge fans of romantic comedies here at DogShow. Give us a Meg Ryan Golden Era romantic comedy and get ready to see grown people cry.


So, it was only natural that we would get inquisitive and all involved when we heard there was a movie called The Dog Wedding which also happens to be a romantic comedy.


Go on.

As it turned out, it is a movie where the main stars are a German actress by the name Rosalie Thomass and WWE dude Matt Bloom in the roles of a pickle factory executive and, well, a wrestler. We watched the trailer and we lost much of our initial enthusiasm, we have to admit.


Then, we learned that the production had organized a photo contest for people who wanted their dogs to be featured in the movie credits. All they had to do was send in their photos of “wedding dogs”. We then found the Instagram page and hilarity and adorableness ensued.

By the way, the contest is over. Yeah, we learned about it too late, it turned out.



Oh yeah, the trailer.

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