Dogs Can Be Both Pessimists And Optimists, Study Reveals


A recent study has suggested that dogs can be both pessimists AND optimists, just like humans.

Researchers from the University of Sydney have found that different dogs have different outlooks on life.

Although many dog owners describe their dogs as happy, cheerful and optimistic, the research team discovered that some dogs can also be pessimistic.

Dr. Melissa Starling from the University of Sydney’s Veterinary Science Faculty led the study that proved that our canine friends can also perceive the world in a negative way.

“This research is exciting because it measures positive and negative emotional states in dogs objectively and non-invasively. It offers researchers and dog owners an insight into the outlook of dogs and how that changes.

Finding out as accurately as possible whether a particular dog is optimistic or pessimistic is particularly helpful in the context of working and service dogs and has important implications for animal welfare.”

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