Dogs Have Become More Than Our Best Friends


According to a recent survey, dog owners are more likely to call their pet their baby, allow them to sleep on their bed and keep photographs of their dogs. 

23,000 dog owners were questioned by Channel 4 as part of a new program called Dogs: Their Secret Lives and the results have shown that dogs have become more than just our pets or even best friends.

Owners of small dogs were most likely to share their bed with a dog, including 76.85 per cent of Yorkshire Terriers owners, 62.96 per cent of Chihuahua owners, 61.62 per cent of Jack Russell owners and 61.54 per cent of Poodle owners.

However, sharing a bed isn’t uncommon among large breed owners and their beloved pets.  For instance, 18.18 per cent of St Bernard owners and 30.27 per cent of Labrador Retrievers say their dogs join them in bed.

In addition, 69.56 per cent of owners say they keep a photograph of their dog, with Corgi owners topping the chart at 87.5 per cent.

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