Faithful Stray Dogs Attend Funeral Of Woman Who Cared For Them


Margarita Suarez, from Merida, Mexico, spent much of her time helping animals in need. The humble woman cared for more than 20 stray cats and dogs, and used to feed other stray dogs she would encounter on the streets.

According to Misiones Online, the kind-hearted lady died after her health deteriorated at the beginning of March. When she passed away, her family began organizing the funeral but were shocked to see animals arriving at the funeral home where Margarita’s body was being kept.

The heartbroken dogs followed the hearse carrying Margarita and then returned to the funeral home. And they refused to leave until everything was prepared for the cremation. To the surprise of Margarita’s family and friends, another animal showed up to say goodbye to the caring woman. Namely, a bird flew into the service and started tweeting.

Since funeral workers claimed they had never seen the dogs before, Margarita’s family said that they believe the animals wanted to be there to pay their last respects to someone who had been so good to them.

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