Female Dogs Love Humans More Than Males


Lady dogs are much friendlier than males and take a greater interest in interacting with humans, according to a new Swedish study.

The researches set more than 400 beagles an impossible puzzle and put treats behind three dors, two of which could be opened easily. Although all the dogs struggled with the puzzle, female dogs were far more willing to communicate with the scientists to get help than male dogs.

The researchers came to a conclusion that females are more likely to make eye contact and seek physical connection due to their maternal roles.

Here’s what Professor Per Jensen of Linkoping University said:

‘’Females scored significantly higher on social interactions and physical contact. We don’t really know why females were more social towards humans, but a speculative possibility would be that it could be a side-effect of their nurturing instincts. Perhaps female dogs are more apt at co-operation since they have a pup-rearing responsibility in their natural behavior.”

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