Firefighters Save Hero The Dog From Ice Cold Ocean


Heroic firefighters Derrick Zozzaro and Matt Lindsley from the Southwest Harbor Fire Department risked their lives early Sunday morning to save a stranded dog named Hero from frozen ocean waters. To make things worse, winds gusted to 20mph.

Hero’s owner Maiysha Somers-Jones initially posted on Facebook that her dog had ran away from her and ended up in the ice cold ocean, about 100 yards off the shoreline. Minutes later, the brave firefighters showed up and swam to the frightened dog. They arrived just on time, as the dog was only minutes from going under.

Zozzaro and Lindsley, who are U.S. Coast Guardsmen, reached the dog and swam back to shore with him, where an ambulance was waiting for them. After Hero was warmed, an EMT said he was going to be fine. Somers-Jones took to Facebook to thank the department for their amazing rescue.

“Thank you so much to the divers, EMT, fire department and police. Really, really. There are no words.”

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