Five New Year’s Resolutions For Dog Owners


It’s time to say goodbye to this year and think of all the ways to improve your life in 2015. And since your dog can’t make any decisions on their own, it’s up to you to make New Year’s resolutions that will help them to lead a happier life. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. ‘I will take my dog on regular walks.’
Dogs need physical activity in order to stay healthy. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems in dogs nowadays and the only way to prevent weight-related problems is to keep your pooch active. Besides, exercising also keeps them mentally stimulated.

2. ‘I will spend more time with my dog.’
It’s hard to find enough time for yourself in our busy world, but you need to have in mind that your dog depends solely on you and would give their life for you.
Resolve to dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to your dog and your dog alone.

3. ‘I will put an end to my dog’s behavior problems’
The first thing you need to do is identify the behavior problems in your dog. Once you understand what needs to be fixed, consult with a dog trainer and start the training program. Be consistent and persistent and you’ll see the results in no time.

4. ‘I will keep my dog well-groomed and maintained.’
Although your dog will look better than ever, we’re not taking just about appearances here. If you keep your dog well-groomed, you will also improve their quality of life and we cannot stress how important that is.

5. ‘I will be a responsible dog owner.’
Make sure to keep ID tags on your dog, renew their annual licence, make the annual vet appointment, clean out old toys etc.

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