Here’s Why Dogs Howl Whenever They Hear Music


You might have noticed that dogs usually howl every time they hear music and there’s actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for their somewhat annoying behavior. If your pooch sabotages your every attempt to enjoy your favorite song, you should know that they don’t have anything against your musical taste. They are just being dogs and dogs can’t ignore high-pitched sounds or noises.

It might seem to you that your pooch is either telling you to change the track or that they are boasting their canine singing skills, but the truth is that howling to sounds and noises is something that can be traced back to our furry friends’ wolf ancestors and heritage. Namely, wolves frequently communicate with other wolves by howling. That’s how they tell other members of their pack to gather around, as well as a means to celebrate their lifestyle. So, just because your pup has been living indoors with you for their entire life and probably wouldn’t know what to do in the wild doesn’t mean that they are free of their natural instincts.

shutterstock_66030136Now that we have that out of the picture, it’s time to explain the connection between howling and music. Like howling, a lot of music features high-pitched, piercing noises, including tracks that have pianos, saxophones, and clarinets. Moreover, when you play high female singing, chances are that your pooch is going to join in on the song. Again, they are not doing it because they like or dislike the song itself. They mistakenly believe that they are hearing another dog, who just so happens to be in the distance, and feel the need to respond to that dog. And they will respond loudly.

As far as low sounds are concerned, dogs don’t really care about them because they bear no resemblance to canine howling.

The bottom line is that if you love high-pitched music, your dog will most likely get confused from time to time and send their message to the ‘dog in the distance.’ However, if you have turned off the classical music and the yowling continues, you should check for other clues as to why your pup is howling. Keep in mind that dogs can be pretty vocal if they feel lonely or are experiencing any physical pain. If the latter’s the case, make sure to talk to your vet in order to get to the bottom of your friend’s howling.

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