Here’s Why You And Your Dog Need The Dog Selfie Stick


Though we here at Dog Show feel like there’s no need to actually explain why you need to have the dog selfie stick, here are just some of the obvious reasons:

  1. You really want to take tons of selfies with your dog.
  2. You want everyone in the world to see just how beautiful your best furry friend is.
  3. It’s impossible to take a decent picture of your pet because they keep looking away from the camera no matter how hard you try to keep their attention.

Now that that’s out of the picture, we’re really excited to tell you that some ingenious folks have launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to develop this much-needed piece of doggy equipment. The pooch selfie stick is basically a tennis ball that you can attach to your smartphone in order to make sure that your dog doesn’t turn away from the camera the moment you find that perfect angle.

Check out this video for further details:

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