Here’s Why Your Dog Loves One Family Member The Most


Dogs tend to bond with every family member, but there’s always that special someone whom the pooch loves more than anyone else. Dog owners have long believed that pooches prefer people who play with them and give them food, but the truth is that dogs can fall madly in love with someone who doesn’t pay that much attention to them at all.

It seems that our furry friends can develop a special relationship with someone who displays a certain attitude or simply has a gentle touch and/or calm voice. Even though we don’t know why this happens, we can give you some advice on strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

For starters, make sure that you are the one who’s feeding them and giving them all the attention they need. What’s more, show them that they are loved and never yell at them or physically punish them.

Dogs know when someone deeply cares for them and when someone ignores them. The bottom line is that you can be certain that they will act accordingly.

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