Heroic Man And His Pooch Save 10-Year-Old Dog Buried Alive In France


While walking his dog in the vicinity of Paris, France, Pedro Dinis stumbled upon a terrifying sight – he saw a helpless dog buried up to her head in waste ground, surrounded by stones and attached to a sack of gravel that was supposed to stop her from moving, let alone escaping.

Although completely shocked, Pedro knew that time was of the essence and immediately started working on a plan to rescue the poor French mastiff. He dug the pooch out of the ground with his bare hands, gave her much-needed water and managed to free her from the dirt. Then he called emergency services to help the ‘shocked and dehydrated’ dog.

People around the world have praised Pedro, calling him a guardian angel and encouraging others to help animals in need. On the other hand, everyone is speechless as to how someone could have done something as horrible as this to an innocent animal.

Luckily, authorities were able to track down the dog’s 21-year-old owner and they took him into custody. The inexplicably cruel man said that his dog had run away, but experts seriously doubt that, seeing as the pooch is 10 years old and suffers from arthritis.

He faces trial for animal cruelty and could serve up to two years in prison. He will also have to pay a fine of up to $30,000.

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