How Could You Abandon Your Dog?


A Shar-Pei crossbreed named Kai has been in the center of media attention for days now after his owner abandoned him outside a Scottish train station.

To make things worse, beside him was a suitcase with all his belongings: a pillow, a toy, a bowl and some food. It seems that Kai never had a permanent home. The Scottish SPCA tracked down his first owner who said that he sold him online in 2013, but didn’t know who bought him.

After a thorough investigation, the authorities found out the identity of the person who wanted to buy the dog from an unidentified man at the station, but eventually left him tied to a railing. According to 39-year-old Fin Rayner’s statement, Kai was not the dog she wanted to buy so she pretended that he was not her pooch and abandoned him in the cold. On top of all that, Rayner thinks she didn’t do anything wrong.

Well, besides ditching the dog who wasn’t pretty enough according to her standards and tossing him away like he was an old toy, no, she didn’t do anything wrong. And the man who sold her Kai had no intention of returning for him since he took half of the agreed amount of money. Luckily, there are many kind souls out there who would never hurt a dog (yes, abandoning your dog is equal to severely hurting him).

Thanks to the generosity of those kind individuals, more than $3500 has been raised to help him, and over 100 people have contacted the Scottish SPCA to offer Kai a much-deserved home.

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