How Dog DNA Tests Can Help Keep Your Best Friend Healthy

Dogs are incredible creatures that offer unconditional love, brighten up our days, and make us feel better whenever we are down. That is why it is so devastating when your friend is not feeling well and cannot tell you what is troubling him or her. Sometimes, they eat something they shouldn’t behind your back or they have health issues that are not easy to detect right away.

Dog DNA tests may not only help you better understand your dog and learn more about his or her origin, but they can also help you keep the little (or big) guy healthy. Of course, not every dog DNA test is a valid source of information about your canine, which is why it is important to make sure that you have picked one of the best dog DNA tests on the market. Once you do, here is what such a test can tell you about your dog’s health.

Genetic Diseases

Unfortunately, genetic diseases are getting quite common among dogs, with some being more serious than others. Dog DNA tests examine the genetic composition of your dog and determine which diseases he or she may suffer from in the future and exactly how susceptible he or she is to these conditions.

Once you get the results, you can know which symptoms you should look out for. That way, you can provide your dog with timely and adequate treatment, avoiding the possibility of the disease developing without anyone noticing, except for your dog.

What is particularly important to know about dog tests is that they do not all test for the same set of diseases. Therefore, it is important to choose the one that tests for the largest number of diseases, so no potential issue goes undetected.

Nutrition And Exercise

Experienced dog owners know that dogs of different breeds have different nutritional needs and require different forms of exercise. What a good dog DNA test can tell you is what your dog in particular needs to eat and what kind of exercise would be of greatest use to your buddy. Just like humans, dogs have unique personalities and needs, so maybe your dog should avoid some kind of food or maybe you should take longer or shorter walks, get into wall climbing or introduce agility practices.

All of this can help you get a better sense of what your friend needs in order to stay in perfect shape and be your loyal companion for a long, long time. So, investing in a good dog DNA test can be a great decision and one that can help you make sure that lovely tail keeps wagging joyfully for years to come.

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