How To Get Dogs And Cats To Live In Harmony


You have probably heard that cats and dogs could never live together, right? After all, the phrase is “fighting like cats and dogs” for a reason. Many believe they can never live in harmony but that’s far from the truth.

Most pets can live together harmoniously when you take care how you introduce them to one another.

When it comes to the feline and the canine, the ease of the process may depend on who was there first, the dog or the cat.

1. Be Patient With Both Animals

First and foremost, be patient with both animals and don’t rush the situation because that’s what you’ll end up doing, so try to avoid it. Rushing will only cause the animals to resent each other rather than get acquainted.

2. Acknowledge Both Pets Equally With Attention

Remember to acknowledge both pets equally with attention, love and respect, starting with the current resident. You don’t want the existing animal to feel it’s being replaced, so spread the love and attention equally.

3. Allow the Pets Separate Areas in the Beginning

It’s acceptable to let them see each other at a safe distance, although you have to be quite ingenious in blocking off your jumping, leaping cat to keep it confined.

4. Interactions Between Both Pets Should Be Supervised and Gradual

Keep the pets separated, allowing them to meet daily for short periods.[mnright] Begin with 10-minute meetings several times a day and gradually increase the time until you witness the harmonious interaction you desire.

5. Encourage Good Behavior Between Both Animals

With time, you can encourage good behavior between both animals through some positive attention, playtime and a little treat or two for each pet. Each time one of the animals interacts with the other, provide this positive reinforcement with treats and love.

When you plan to bring another pet into the home, know that it takes time, thought and preparation. So have a game-plan set and remember to have a lot of patience, but be sure you’ll be reaping the rewards very soon.

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