How To Keep Your Dog Safe And Happy When The Fireworks Begin


Although dog owners are already aware that dogs are afraid of loud noises and freak out during thunder storms, not all people understand that pooches are more than terrified when they hear fireworks. They are prepared for storms, to some extent, but when it comes to fireworks, dogs have no previous warning that something bad is going to happen.

Keeping in mind that they can experience severe panic attacks during fireworks, it doesn’t come as a surprise that thousands of frightened dogs get lost on the Fourth of July each year. Despite the fact that you cannot save them from hearing and seeing fireworks, there are a few things you can do to make the celebration easier on them.

For starters, do your best to keep them indoors and find them a safe place in your home where they can relax and play with their favorite toys. Moreover, spend some quality time with them, prepare them a delicious meal and take them out for a long walk (it would be best if you could let them run freely).

Not only will these simple steps mean the world to your dog once the fireworks begin, but you will also feel better knowing that your pet is calm and safe – and you will have the opportunity to enjoy fireworks night.

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